Monday, November 29, 2010

Utah Company changes advertising!

Varolo a company from west jordan ,UT is starting there beta in December. The Utah based company is centered around the idea that people Can earn jackpots by Watching advertisements.

So How dose it work?

Advertisers want you to watch there ad's. They pay for radio, television, and newspaper advertisements. Thats where Varolo comes in With Varolo you can watch ad's and be entered to win the jackpot, and by inviting your friends you can make some money while watching ad's. Click on this like to join my Varolo village

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Everyone

Hello My name is Chris and i set up this blog to tell everyone about a great site that is starting up called Varolo. Now What is Varolo you might ask well it is the next step in advertising. WE all look at ad's during our day, on TV or Online we sign up for things like Facebook and Myspace. We watch these ad's and the sites get paid to show these ad's to us. We invite our friends to these sites and the sites get more money what if the site's gave some of that money back that is the idea behind Varolo. You watch the ad's you invite friends to watch the ad's and you get some of the money.

I am excited about this new idea of Internet marketing and hope you will join my village. to join Click here