Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grow your varolo village

Growing your varolo village is important In order to really make money on this site you must grow your Village so that you have a good network of active users.

Now is the best time to start a varolo village because they just started a program called velocity that makes it easier to get your village growing, and the bigger your village the more money you will make with varolo!!

With Velocity, you earn “achievement cards” which can be redeemed for villagers. Achievement cards can be recieved by using points AND several other actions in the system. There are a total a 4 different colored achievement cards and a combination of these cards can be used to get villagers.

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Thanks you.
Chris s

Friday, August 26, 2011

Growing your village using Varolo Velocity

Since the beginning of Varolo, we have been asked by our users how they could get villagers without having to recruit themselves. We designed Varolo Velocity as a way to do just that. Some Varolo users registered without a sponsor. This qualifies them to be “adopted” or “earned” by other villagers to be part of their village. Natually people want to grow their villages faster because that is where the vast majority of the earnings come from. But let us be clear, Velocity is a great wya to SUPPLEMENT your village growth. If you are planning to use Velocity as the ONLY way to grow your village (in other words, you are not inviting or recruting others yourself), you may be disappointed in your results. Now perhaps you will adopt a villager that goes out and recruits thousands of users (which has happened), then you will be very happy. But most people will find success with Velocity if they use it to supplement their village growth and not replace it.

One of the most common questions we hear is how many points does it take to get a villager. Understand that not all villagers have the same value. as a reult, there isn’t a simple answer to that question. As you can imagine, an active villager building a village is worth quite a bit more than an inactive villager. Beyond that, users natually assume that “points” are what will be used to “buy” villagers. This is only one way this can happen.

With Velocity, you earn “achievement cards” which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards including villagers. Archivement cards can be recieved by using points AND several other actions in the system. There are a total a 4 different colored achievement cards and a combination of these cards can be used to get villagers. Here are the achievement card requirements for the various types of villagers:

1 Inactive Villager: 3 Gray cards, and 1 Blue Cards – While inactive villagers aren’t as valuable as active villagers, they still have value. Some users want these because 1) they are easier to obtain 2) some users are very good at reactivating inactive users 3) some users just need to get to the next “level” so they qualify for different rewards. But understand an inactive user is someone that hasn’t logged in for at least 1 week and hasn’t watched any ads.

1 New Villager: 8 Gray, 3 blue, and 1 Orange – A new villager is a bit of a gamble. Some villagers sign up and go on to build extremely large villages and are very productive while others register and then never log into Varolo again. So selecting a “new villager” is a gamble that may work out great or may not work out at all for you.

1 Active Villager: 12 Gray, 7 blue, and 2 Orange – This is a user that has logged in this week and has watched at least 1 ad. This user may continue to watch ads each week or they may stop. This user may go on to grow a large village or go completely inactive. If this user grows a village, anyone in their village that goes on to invite and grow a village, that also increases the size and earning potential of your village.

2-4 Villagers (a user actively building a village): 17 gray, 10 blue, and 2 Orange – These are one of the most valuable villagers because they are not only active, but they have begun to build a village. While there is no guarantee they will continue to grow a village, they are growing a village right now. If anyone in their village goes on to invite and grow a village, that also increases the size and earning potential of your village.

Larger villagers are avilable with White cards as well. – White cards are rare. They can be traded, gifted, or earned through random events in the system that are largely outside of your control. A single white card can be redeemed for a village between 4 and 50 villagers.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Varolo Velocity

Varolo Velocity has just being released. Varolo Velocity allows you to accelerate your earnings. With Velocity, you can earn achievements through a variety of normal activities you do on Varolo like watching ads, sharing ads, inviting users, etc. Achievements can be redeemed for prizes, which can include:
  • Villagers for your village
  • Additional jackpot entries
  • 2x earnings on your 5th degree of separation
  • 4x earnings on your 5th degree of separation
  • Unlock your 6th degree of separation
  • 2x earnings on your 6th degree of separation
You can trade achievements, give achievements to others, or earn points to buy achievements.

This is a great way for anyone to build a great Varolo village

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Now earn money on their own ad views!!!

Varolo would like to announce that beginning August 7, 2011, Varolo users will earn money on their own ad views. We have been listening to the many suggestions that have come in from our users saying that people want to earn from their own ad views. We were always resistant to this idea because we wanted everyone to focus on the large earning potential of the village. As we have said many times, the power of Varolo is in numbers. The larger your village is, and the more ads they view, the more money you make. But many users have told us that it isn’t about the money; it is about getting instant gratification from watching ads yourself PLUS (and more importantly) it shows greater credibility for users as they are just starting in Varolo and don’t have a village to earn from yet. The feedback from all of you is that you believe this will increase the activity rate of new users.

Currently 21% of the ad revenue is paid to the village. Starting Sunday, we are going to pay out 21% for the users own ad views IN ADDITION TO the 21% paid to the village. In other words, you will continue to make all the money you normally do from your village, but you will ALSO earn money from your own ad views.

Some people have asked why we don’t pay out even more. Remember that advertisers pay pennies on each ad view which must be split between village payouts, points, jackpots, your own ad view earnings. What’s left is used to pay for the website hosting, bandwidth, development, customer support, etc.

In order to accommodate these additional payouts, we will be setting the weekly jackpot amount to a fixed $500 during this trial period. We will evaluate the success of this program over the next several weeks.

We have done our best to create a totally free service that allow anyone to make money for just 10 minutes a day. But as everyone knows it takes everyone’s participation to earn good money. We have lots of advertisers in the system wanting more and more views of their ads. So let’s keep the energy high in our ad views and sponsoring new users in Varolo so we can all be successful together.

We are always excited to listen to our members and try different programs to increase the engagement level and new registrations. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Keep them coming.

The Varolo Team